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> source("data_cleaning.R")
> head(ufo)
  DateOccurred DateReported              Location ShortDescription Duration
1   1995-10-09   1995-10-09         Iowa City, IA             <NA>     <NA>
2   1995-10-10   1995-10-11         Milwaukee, WI             <NA>   2 min.
3   1995-01-01   1995-01-03           Shelton, WA             <NA>     <NA>
4   1995-05-10   1995-05-10          Columbia, MO             <NA>   2 min.
5   1995-06-11   1995-06-14           Seattle, WA             <NA>     <NA>
6   1995-10-25   1995-10-24  Brunswick County, ND             <NA>  30 min.
1                                          Man repts. witnessing &quot;flash, followed by a classic UFO, w/ a tailfin at back.&quot; Red color on top half of tailfin. Became triangular.
2                                                       Man  on Hwy 43 SW of Milwaukee sees large, bright blue light streak by his car, descend, turn, cross road ahead, strobe. Bizarre!
3 Telephoned Report:CA woman visiting daughter witness discs and triangular ships over Squaxin Island in Puget Sound. Dramatic.  Written report, with illustrations, submitted to NUFORC.
4                                                    Man repts. son&apos;s bizarre sighting of small humanoid creature in back yard.  Reptd. in Acteon Journal, St. Louis UFO newsletter.
5                                                            Anonymous caller repts. sighting 4 ufo&apos;s in NNE sky, 45 deg. above horizon.  (No other facts reptd.  No return tel. #.)
6                                                      Sheriff&apos;s office calls to rept. that deputy, 20 mi. SSE of Wilmington,  is looking at peculiar, bright white, strobing light.