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In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives

In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives

グーグル ネット覇者の真実 追われる立場から追う立場へ

グーグル ネット覇者の真実 追われる立場から追う立場へ

様々な書評(総じて高評価)が見受けられるIn the plex。


In the plex英語版しか読んでないのですが、原文を引用しつつ紹介してみたいと思います。

Over the years, Google evolved a set of process for search engine tweaks.

1. 欠陥の認識

After an engineer identified a flaw, he or she would be assigned a "search analyst" to manage the next several weeks, during which the improvement would be implemented.
エンジニアが欠陥を認識すると"search analyst"にアサインされる。次の数週間で改善策を実装することになる。

2. 課題の特定

The engineer would determine and recode the relevant part of the search algorithm.

Maybe it would require adjusting the importance of a signal. Or perhaps altering the interpretation of multiword "bigrams". Or even integrating a new signal.

3. テスト

Then the counselor would submit it to testing.

Part of that testing involves hundreds of people around the world who sit at their home computers and judge results for various queries, making whether the new tweaks return better or worse results than the previous versions.
The mainstay of this system was the "A/B test", where a fraction of users --typically 1 percent -- would be exposed to the suggested changes. The results and the subsequent behavior of those users would be compared with those of the general population.

4. Search Quality Launch Meeting

In search tweaks, the culmination of the process would come in the weekly Search Quality Launch Meeting.
改善をweekly Search Quality Launch Meetingへ。

In a typical session in 2009, fifty engineers, mostly in their twenties and early thirties, participated. One test query was "Terry Smith KS," a search that appeared on a screen and had been launched from Springfield, Missouri. The baseline, or unaltered result, assumed that the user wants a link to a town called Smith, in Kansas.
2009年の一般的なセッションでは、50人のエンジニアが参加(大部分は20代から30代前半)。あるテストクエリ"Terry Smith KS。改善前の結果は、KansasのSmithと呼ばれる街のリンクを望んでいるとみなしていた。

A tweaked version of the search included a link to a Terry Smith who lives in Kansas. That was considered a win by the engineers.
微調整後の検索にはKansasに住むTerry Smithへのリンクが含まれた。エンジニアの勝利!