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mlpy (Machine Learning Python)

mlpy - Machine Learning Python


Regression: Least Squares, Ridge Regression, Last Angle Regression, Elastic Net, Kernel Ridge Regression, Support Vector Machines (SVR), Partial Least Squares (PLS)

Classification: Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA), Basic Perceptron, Elastic Net, Logistic Regression, (Kernel) Support Vector Machines (SVM), Diagonal Linear Discriminant Analysis (DLDA), Golub Classifier, Parzen-based, (kernel) Fisher Discriminant Classifier k-Nearest-Neighbor, Iterative RELIEF, Classification Tree, Maximum Likelihood Classifier

Clustering: Hierarchical Clustering, Memory-saving Hierarchical Clustering, k-means

Dimensionality Reduction: (Kernel) Fisher Discriminant (FDA), Spectral Regression Discriminant Analysis (SRDA), (kernel) Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

Wavelet Submodule (mlpy.wavelet): Discrete, Undecimated and Continuous Wavelet Transform

Misc: Feature ranking/selection algorithms, Canberra stability indicator, resampling algorithms, error evaluation, peak finding algorithms, Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) distance, Longest Common Subsequence (LCS).